Harry Styles – BFA British Style Award

So Harry Styles managed to break up Alexa Chung’s three consecutive British Style awards. Its great to see a male win this award, particularly that someone so young is seen as such an fashion icon and trendsetter. Although I would of picked Tinie Tempah or Jack Guinness ahead of him, with such a loyal following its easy to see why he won.

Where to start with the boy? He’s got Midas touch, girls of ALL ages throw themselves at him and most lads wouldn’t mind a day in the life of. His style has changed dramatically from his first TV appearance, and he really seems to of found his look. I mentioned the idea of doing a blog on Harry and my friend laughed and suggested “how can he win a style award when he probably doesn’t dress himself”, I think his outfit choices in his downtime quell this theory. 



On the night of the awards Harry wore an all black outfit, and pretty much perfected smart casual look. I liked the scarf and shoes in particular. Although I was in awe of Jack Guinness’ suit from Agi and Sam, who continue to impress.

One of the best items of clothing I’ve seen recently was the Yves Saint Lauren suede bomber Styles wore, I nearly fell off my seat when I checked the price I’m sure it was over £2,000! It’s a pretty unusual piece; a tan suede with shearling collar, but it definitely works. My cousin recently purchased a denim jacket with a shearling collar and lining from Brick Lane, and charity shops really are the best places for items like this. Although it may take a lot of rummaging and searching to find one, when you do pick one up for a bargain price its all worth it!


It’s easy to see where he’s been influenced; Keith Richardson is evident, particularly the bandanna he seems to often be sporting, the jewellery and the unstructured tee’s. It could be argued Mick Jagger as well, with great tailored dinner jackets and black skinny jeans. Harry does have a touch of rock ‘n’ roll about him and that could be down to the Rolling Stones duo. (It’s actually scary how many comparison photos of Jagger and Stylesthere are on Google images!)


Harry recently spoke about David Beckham being another inspiration and this is seen through leather and denim jackets, work shirts, and tones of black and grey. Just like Becks simplicity is key in most of his looks, and he often looks effortless. 



Thought I’d mentioned this outfit as it highlights the above point. Chelsea boots, trench coat and skinny black jeans, they should all be basics in most men’s wardrobe. He combines these with a leopard skin tee which has been a very popular print this season. It really is as simple as that!


There’s not many negatives to say about his style, but the hand drawn tattoo’s are definitely questionable! I think the less said the better. A worthy win though and I imagine it won’t be long before his own range or collaboration.


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