Pierce Brosnan – The Real Gent

Fashion is often perceived as a young man’s game. Spending money you don’t have on items you don’t need. It’s hard enough to follow fashion when you have free time but a full time job, family and other responsibilities make it very hard. However, no one seems to do it better than Pierce Brosnan. I wasn’t actually aware of how stylish he was until a friend recently tweeted a picture from his instagram. I think it’s compulsory for all Bonds to be stylish, but Pierce is in a different league to Connery and Craig.




I think the most noticeable thing is his grooming; now I don’t know if there’s a little bit of hair dye in there but he’s definitely embracing the grey. You only have to look at people like George Clooney and George Lamb to know that this look is great when done correctly. It’s pretty incredible to think he’s 60 years old! I’ve noticed that simplicity seems to be a theme in my posts, but why over complicate it. It’s probably even more relevant the older you get because theres nothing worse then looking like you’re trying too hard. A trench coat is a winter classic, clean lines and neutral colours are important. It’s well worth checking out the Zara sale, or this overcoat from Mango stood out in their sale.




This is my favourite look as its very current. This type of sweater was a popular look during some of Pierce’s bond movies but this is particularly sleek. It’s important to establish the difference between a polo, turtle and roll neck; the roll neck is usually made from thicker material and has a loosely turned over collar, the turtle neck is a fairly fitted style usually of a thinner material up to chin height, and the polo neck is similar to the turtle neck but folded over. Here it looks like he’s wearing a roll neck, possibly a polo neck. There wasn’t too many in the sales but Topman seemed to have the best choice and represented most value. Here’s a classic and slightly more practical number, and a more adventurous one. I’d recommend teaming up the blacker sweater with a textured jacket, this Paul Smith one would a touch of style. 





A slightly alternative look here, highlights the fact he can dress down as well. There’s a strong british traveller vibe here, with the formal hat and watch teamed up with a casual satchel and faded shorts. You’d pick that sort of bag up on your travels for next to nothing, or you can find something similar down at Camden. Everything else is pretty basic, cargo shorts, V-neck tee, and a few bracelets. He keeps it coordinated with the colour red and adds the trilby for a bit of flair! 




And he knows how to take a good photo!

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