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Football Fashion Part 1 – Pablo Osvaldo

When you are born in Argentina and an Italian citizen, you are going to have style! Osvaldo is no different.  The Southampton striker is known for his fiery temper on the pitch, off the pitch he keeps it cool.

Pablo rocked up to his unveiling in a John Lennon and Yoko Ono H&M tee, although this is now a discontinued line, you can pick them up on eBay for a couple of quid. He is a bit of a rock and roller, and describes his favourite stone as “Keith”, this is evident in his style. He finished his outfit with rosary beads, once the classic sign of a dressed up chav, there popularity seems to of died which makes them a perfect accessory now.


I’m also a big fan of his sunglasses, I’m sure his are pretty pricey and Oki-Ni have a fantastic selection of similar stuff, but I can’t justify that amount for something so fragile. Again eBay is a much better option, I recently bought some second hand Spitfire glasses for about £12.

Comparisons to Johnny Depp are obvious, and I’m sure he’s a big influence for Osvaldo. If you’re gonna pick an icon, there’s not much cooler. It seems the Southampton lads have also taken to calling him Johnny Depp as well.


Then there’s the hair, that lush mop! It’s hard to have long hair without looking like Jesus, a Hippy, or a World of Warcraft obsessive, but Osvaldo has managed it. Clearly well maintained with a simple samurai knot, it seems oh so simple!


Turns out he’s also good friends with German designer Philip Plein, pretty handy! Here he shows his casual side and smart side. On the left he keeps is simple with some smart boots and a lumberjack hooded shirt, again with some smart accessories (Glasses and Rolling Stones necklace), however I’m not a huge fan the knitted hat or distressed jeans but he makes it work. On the right he keeps it simple by dressing up a a leather jacket with crisp white shirt.

Safe to say Osvaldo is a pretty stylish gent, an Argentine/Italian inspired by Depp and Richards, could he of ever been anything else?


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