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Jake Gyllenhaal – Dectective Loki

I saw the film ‘Prisoners’ last week, and I thought it was great. Although it was quite long and pretty intense, I found myself on the edge of my seat. It was interesting to see Hugh Jackman playing a darker character as oppose to his usual action hero roles, but it was Jake Gyllenhaal’s character that really intrigued me.

Detective Loki is a mysterious character, and a pretty cool motherfucker! Clothing wise detective Loki kept it simple but really effective, because the film is shot over a 72 hour window there’s only a glimpse of his wardrobe. He wore a couple of chambray shirts, ASOS and Uniqlo stock a number of affordable shirts. He had these buttoned up, which I normally am against because it can make you look a bit of kid, but if you’ve got the right shirt and avoid bright colours it can work well.


I really liked Loki’s parka coat, and this was probably because I’ve got a similar one. I got mine from All Saints last year, and it set me back a fair bit but its a real investment. It’ll last for a few years and its perfect for when its lashing it down. Unfortunately they don’t stock that one any more, but these stood out to me: Universal, G-Star, Merc, and a bargain Nonnative.

prisoners-viola-davis-jake-gyllenhaal-terrence-howard movies-prisoners-still-11

The other stand out piece was a versatile black sweater. I personally really like this Pull & Bear Jumper, it’s simple with a good fit and an oil wash finish. The main decision to make when getting one is the thickness and style. A thicker jumper offers a more casual style, while a thinner jumper will be easier to dress up with a shirt. Obviously with the British winter a thicker style is more practical. A cable knit sweater does offer a compromise though, slightly thicker with a smart ribbed pattern.

photo 4

Director, Denis Villeneuve, said that the tattoos were Jake’s idea and that the majority of them were actually covered up but to help him get into character, proper method acting! I’m a big fan of tattoo’s when they’re done right, but the tattoo’s in this film are old-school prison style ones and the sort you’d instantly regret (I’m speaking from experience), so I think they are best left to characters.


Jake’s haircut is pretty slick, and summarises his toned down Rocker style. The haircut is very popular at the moment, and this can be seen in the rise of models such as Jimmy Q and Ricki Hall becoming mainstream. I’ve just stumbled across Slikhaar on YouTube who does a number of hair tutorials, there’s a really good one on the slicked back look if you’re looking to replicate it.

I also love the fact that he wore his trusty old biker boots with a very expensive suit to the Prisoners premiere, lad!

If you haven’t already, go see Prisoners!

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