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Pierce Brosnan – The Real Gent

Fashion is often perceived as a young man’s game. Spending money you don’t have on items you don’t need. It’s hard enough to follow fashion when you have free time but a full time job, family and other responsibilities make it very hard. However, no one seems to do it better than Pierce Brosnan. I wasn’t actually aware of how stylish he was until a friend recently tweeted a picture from his instagram. I think it’s compulsory for all Bonds to be stylish, but Pierce is in a different league to Connery and Craig.




I think the most noticeable thing is his grooming; now I don’t know if there’s a little bit of hair dye in there but he’s definitely embracing the grey. You only have to look at people like George Clooney and George Lamb to know that this look is great when done correctly. It’s pretty incredible to think he’s 60 years old! I’ve noticed that simplicity seems to be a theme in my posts, but why over complicate it. It’s probably even more relevant the older you get because theres nothing worse then looking like you’re trying too hard. A trench coat is a winter classic, clean lines and neutral colours are important. It’s well worth checking out the Zara sale, or this overcoat from Mango stood out in their sale.




This is my favourite look as its very current. This type of sweater was a popular look during some of Pierce’s bond movies but this is particularly sleek. It’s important to establish the difference between a polo, turtle and roll neck; the roll neck is usually made from thicker material and has a loosely turned over collar, the turtle neck is a fairly fitted style usually of a thinner material up to chin height, and the polo neck is similar to the turtle neck but folded over. Here it looks like he’s wearing a roll neck, possibly a polo neck. There wasn’t too many in the sales but Topman seemed to have the best choice and represented most value. Here’s a classic and slightly more practical number, and a more adventurous one. I’d recommend teaming up the blacker sweater with a textured jacket, this Paul Smith one would a touch of style. 





A slightly alternative look here, highlights the fact he can dress down as well. There’s a strong british traveller vibe here, with the formal hat and watch teamed up with a casual satchel and faded shorts. You’d pick that sort of bag up on your travels for next to nothing, or you can find something similar down at Camden. Everything else is pretty basic, cargo shorts, V-neck tee, and a few bracelets. He keeps it coordinated with the colour red and adds the trilby for a bit of flair! 




And he knows how to take a good photo!

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Made In Chelsea – Boys in Bombers

I’ve found myself pretty hooked on this series of MIC, it really is how the other half live. The obvious advantage to being heir of McVities or a diamond mining fortune is money, and lots of it! And as a direct result everyone is super stylish 24/7. This series the lads are looking particularly dapper.

Obviously it goes without saying that Oliver Proudlock is the coolest of the bunch. I could write a whole blog post on him alone, and probably will at some point. He’s from an artistic background, and it shows. He has his own clothing range, his own style blog (which is superb), he even collaborated with Oliver Sweeney.

tom blog 3tom blog 4

I was really impressed with Jamie and Andy actually. Particularly the bomber jackets and sweaters they’ve both been wearing. The above bomber that Jamie was wearing a couple of weeks ago is unreal, I think its this one but its unavailable in orange and costs £770!!!Although I think he pulls off orange, it’s not the most practical colour, especially with winter approaching. I’ve found a few nice jackets that would be a great addition to your wardrobe. It seems I can’t do a post without referencing All Saints, but they have two fantastic bomber jackets: the Smythe jacket and the Oldsen bomber. You can get more value in this Dr Denim jacket, or browsing the reclaimed pieces at Urban Outfitters and ASOS. I like bomber jackets because they’re great for all situations, it’s hard to find jackets that you can wear on a night out and still look smart but bomber jackets are ideal.

tom blog 9 tom blog 8

I struggled to get a good image of Andy’s suede jacket, but I went one better and actually found it! It’s a college jacket from Zara. Surprising its faux suede, but as a result very reasonably priced. Its top of my wish list at the moment.

These simple looks have been accessorised with chains, Jamie seems to never be without one. I think it can be a real personal statement and create a signature look, so I recommend spending some time to find a niche brand and avoiding ASOS etc for such an item. I think this Vegas dice necklace is a stand out one.

tom blog 5 tom blog 6

I actually read something that slated Andy trying to be a bit stylish and Proudlock’s top knot. Somehow comparing both to One Direction. I really liked this Jumper, and it reminded me of new clothing label Struan Moore (see twitter page for preview), it’s a brand that I’m really excited to see launch. Leopard print has been pretty popular this year but these alternative floral designs would really set you apart from the crowd.

tom blog 2 tom blog 1

Finally, Alex’s boss jacket is worth a mention. Pulls off a  fur hood nicely (having a fit bird next to you helps you pull most things off though). Also, goes without saying how big snapbacks are but worth noting that the simpler the colour scheme/pattern the better, MIC boys seem to pull it off pretty well. Always surprises me how cool Francis looks when dressing casually.

)tom blog 10tom blog 10


Enjoy tonight’s episode!

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Football Fashion Part 1 – Pablo Osvaldo

When you are born in Argentina and an Italian citizen, you are going to have style! Osvaldo is no different.  The Southampton striker is known for his fiery temper on the pitch, off the pitch he keeps it cool.

Pablo rocked up to his unveiling in a John Lennon and Yoko Ono H&M tee, although this is now a discontinued line, you can pick them up on eBay for a couple of quid. He is a bit of a rock and roller, and describes his favourite stone as “Keith”, this is evident in his style. He finished his outfit with rosary beads, once the classic sign of a dressed up chav, there popularity seems to of died which makes them a perfect accessory now.


I’m also a big fan of his sunglasses, I’m sure his are pretty pricey and Oki-Ni have a fantastic selection of similar stuff, but I can’t justify that amount for something so fragile. Again eBay is a much better option, I recently bought some second hand Spitfire glasses for about £12.

Comparisons to Johnny Depp are obvious, and I’m sure he’s a big influence for Osvaldo. If you’re gonna pick an icon, there’s not much cooler. It seems the Southampton lads have also taken to calling him Johnny Depp as well.


Then there’s the hair, that lush mop! It’s hard to have long hair without looking like Jesus, a Hippy, or a World of Warcraft obsessive, but Osvaldo has managed it. Clearly well maintained with a simple samurai knot, it seems oh so simple!


Turns out he’s also good friends with German designer Philip Plein, pretty handy! Here he shows his casual side and smart side. On the left he keeps is simple with some smart boots and a lumberjack hooded shirt, again with some smart accessories (Glasses and Rolling Stones necklace), however I’m not a huge fan the knitted hat or distressed jeans but he makes it work. On the right he keeps it simple by dressing up a a leather jacket with crisp white shirt.

Safe to say Osvaldo is a pretty stylish gent, an Argentine/Italian inspired by Depp and Richards, could he of ever been anything else?


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Rise of the social retailer

ImageWe’ve become oblivious to the sight of boarded up and empty shops on the high street, there second nature now. It’s a real shame but every problem can create an opportunity. As a result I’ve noticed a drastic rise in brands that are operating either exclusively or predominately through Twitter. It’s the perfect platform really, costs are minimal and content can be shared instantly. The advantages of this for the consumer are that you can get hold of really niche items that no-one else has.

I recently order some hand stitched tee’s from @areyouNEEK, £30 for something that is hand made and a selection of people have is bloody marvellous, and the best thing about it….I got to customise them to how I wanted them! I’m already planning my next purchase with another unique retailer @CustomRare. The size of these accounts varies with some of them, such as @SikSilk, having nearly 30,000 followers! The accounts are endless, and the hard part is actually finding relevant ones.

My job involves social media on a daily basis and its something I’m really passionate about, and as a result I’m fascinated with how these brands are utilising it. Is the future of retail…social-commerce? Probably not, but its a great way to get stand out pieces at a decent price!

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