Rise of the social retailer

ImageWe’ve become oblivious to the sight of boarded up and empty shops on the high street, there second nature now. It’s a real shame but every problem can create an opportunity. As a result I’ve noticed a drastic rise in brands that are operating either exclusively or predominately through Twitter. It’s the perfect platform really, costs are minimal and content can be shared instantly. The advantages of this for the consumer are that you can get hold of really niche items that no-one else has.

I recently order some hand stitched tee’s from @areyouNEEK, £30 for something that is hand made and a selection of people have is bloody marvellous, and the best thing about it….I got to customise them to how I wanted them! I’m already planning my next purchase with another unique retailer @CustomRare. The size of these accounts varies with some of them, such as @SikSilk, having nearly 30,000 followers! The accounts are endless, and the hard part is actually finding relevant ones.

My job involves social media on a daily basis and its something I’m really passionate about, and as a result I’m fascinated with how these brands are utilising it. Is the future of retail…social-commerce? Probably not, but its a great way to get stand out pieces at a decent price!

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